#Mood Exercises

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#Mood Exercises (2015-2018) is a series of quick, spontaneous, and/or improvised vignettes using Apple Photobooth’s User Backdrop and my body in domestic space. They function as a way for me to think about, perform and record a range of physical and emotional gestures, which I feel is vital for me to do as a Black woman slave descendant, as recorded or acknowledged range of emotion and action is often denied to us by the popular imaginary. The videos were always posted with the hashtag #mood on my social media feeds, as well as existing on YouTube. In 2019, I compiled all of the short videos into one long video, experimenting with how they themselves turn into a video essay when together.

E. The Avatar

E. Jane’s YouTube series E. The Avatar both embraces and critiques the ways that identities are performed online. Touching on topics like net neutrality and selfies, E. Jane’s persona narrates her experiences as a disembodied presence on the internet in a deadpan, sarcastic tone, which contradicts her almost utopian descriptions of life online.

E. Jane created the video series—as well as a product line featuring her face and body—to work through questions that arose around her realization that, as a black American woman, her body is often unprotected. “What if the body were code?” she asks. “What if the body were only a simulation? What if I could exaggerate how inhuman I feel?” -Text from I Was Raised on The Internet (2018) exhibition at MCA Chicago. The work was initially displayed as a YouTube series in the spring of 2015 and was then expanded to include clothing based on the series and commercial.

E. The Avatar Design Objects